Malevolent Doings

My new Samhain Publishing horror novel, MALEVOLENT, is now available in trade paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere. It’s also been on the market in ebook format for the last several months.

If you’ve read BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON, well, great, but this one is completely different. My first Samhain novel was written on a more epic scale, featuring bloody battles between warring vampire clans and the humans caught in the crossfire. It had sieges and counter-attacks and a chainsaw thrown in for bad measure.

MALEVOLENT, on the other hand, takes a quieter, but even darker approach. It’s more of a slow chill, a psychological thriller. Except, of course, for those hungry cats locked with three spinsterish women in a house with no food. Nothing quiet about that.

I’m thrilled that horror legend Ramsey Campbell contributed this front cover blurb: “Searls is a horror writer who goes for imagination and suspense rather than regurgitated splatter.”

Damn. That says it all.

If you’d like to read the first chapter of MALEVOLENT, or pre-order this new horror novel, I invite you to visit my book page at Samhain Publishing.

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