Going to HorrorHound Weekend?

If you find yourself in Cincinnati this weekend, drop in at HorrorHound Weekend http://www.horrorhoundweekend.com/shows/201303/default.shtml. Guests of this horror extravaganza include director John Carpenter, actors Michael Madsen, Robert Patrick, Tony Todd (Candyman and Final Destination), makeup artist legend Tom Savini and the cast of The Walking Dead, among many others.

Not to mention a few cunningly horrific horror writers from Samhain Publishing. Kristopher Rufty, Jonathan Janz, Brian Moreland and I will be signing our books throughout the weekend. Drop by and see us.


4 comments on “Going to HorrorHound Weekend?

  1. It was nice meeting you, David. Thank you for signing my poster, even though I have yet to read Malevolent. It’s very high up on my TBR list. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. I’ve never encountered a Samhain book I didn’t enjoy.

    • David Searls says:

      It was nice meeting you too, Lindsey. HorrorHounds was the first horror show I’d ever been to, but I’m certainly going to more. Quite a weekend.

      • It was a first for me, too. A bit overwhelming. I haven’t been in a crowd that big for some time, and it was an overload to the senses! But very fun. I’ll be sure to post a review of your book when I finish it. 🙂

  2. David Searls says:

    Thanks, Lindsey! Appreciate it.

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