MALEVOLENT to Feed on Your Fears

It watches. Listens. Learns. It feeds on your deepest fears, your basest instincts and darkest suspicions.

As its grip tightens on neighbors, friends and lovers, it’s up to Tim Brentwood and Griffin Solloway – two clueless slackers who can barely take care of themselves – to confront the nameless terror. As its shadow spreads over the Cleveland neighborhood, Tim wonders whether he can even trust his new friend. Or is there a darker side to Griffin?

And then there are those damn hungry cats…trapped in a house with three confused women.

Tim, Griffin and their friends can only be sure of one thing as their nemesis draws ever closer. Whatever it is, it’s malevolent.

Starting today, my Samhain Publishing horror novel, MALEVOLENT, is now available in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Samhain website and wherever else creepy books are sold.  MALEVOLENT can also be pre-ordered in trade paperback for release in November.

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