Dark Intentions

There’s no prettier face to look upon than this.

At least that was my thought as I surfed the web yesterday with the Googled term BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON for new mention of my horror novel. What I found, in addition to this cheery facade, was the intriguing blog Shattered Ravings by Matthew Scott Baker. Matthew’s March 16 post was this review of my epic horror novel from Samhain Publishing.

Matthew, God bless his shattered soul, called BLOODTHIRST “a well written and well thought out addition to the vampire genre.” He goes on to state that “Searls weaves an intricate web of dark intentions and even darker actions with this novel.”

Dark intentions. I like that. Hmm…maybe the title of my next novel.

Thanks, Matthew, for your insidiously kind words.

Check out his blog, folks.

BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON is available in ebook format and trade paperback pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever else finer vampire novels are sold.

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