Vampires Unbound

Last Tuesday, January 3, 2012, my latest novel finally came out. But here’s the thing…in the digital age, a book launching can be something of an anticlimactic event. There are no digital book signing parties. No books, for that matter. At least not the kind you can hold in your hands and bring to the office.

BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON was initially brought out as an ebook by my publisher, Samhain Horror. In May the trade paperback version will hit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores, but for now it’s only available as an electronic download.

When my first book came out in the 1990, long before the existence of suchan oddity as an ebook, there were several thrilling moments. For instance, the day Warner Books, my publisher, sent me a crate full of my books. Not to mention the time when I first caught sight of YELLOW MOON, by David Searls, shelved in a bookstore. It was in a Borders, just to date the moment even more.

By contrast, I got out of bed early on Tuesday morning and checked out my book page on my publisher’s website. Yes, the ‘Pre-Order’ button had been excnaged for the more timely ‘Add to Cart’ button. And  that was that. I’ve checked for activity at Amazon (quite a lot of book sales indicated early, not so much now) and at Barnes & Noble (very little activity, very low sales ranking). And I’m eagerly awaiting reviews from readers and mentions on blogs from the horror community.

That’s about it. Not nearly as thrilling as a book autograph party, but such is life in the digital age.

In addition to the publisher’s website, BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever finer vampire literature is sold.

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