Twilight Be Damned

“I believe John and I were bloodletting a rat…” reminisces vampire clan leader Miles Drake in my new novel, BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON.

Stephenie Meyer would recoil in actual horror.

Enough of the sexy, pouty, well-coiffed nightbreed, says I. BLOODTHIRST, from Samhain Horror, portrays them as God intended: cunning, repulsive, erratic, manipulative, pychotic. Not to mention “ancient,” and looking it. Whatever you do, do not waste your time romancing one of these damned things.

Times are tough and jobs scarce. It’s desperation that drives the Dunbar family and other down-and-outers to suspiciously welcoming Babylon, Michigan. This remote town has been controlled for more than a century by the rarely seen Miles Drake and his allies. But now a brash breakaway clan is doing away with the old traditions and rewriting the rules of engagement with humankind. The newcomers will pay the price. Never get caught in the crossfire of a vampire war. The siege of the Sundown Motel is on. The harvesting has begun. 

I make this one guarantee: if the movie ever gets made, pretty boy Robert Pattinson won’t get a part.

Hope you check it out. BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON goes on sale January 3, but you can pre-order by visiting Samhain Horror today.

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